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Masters of Reinvention: Simulcasting with string theorists

As Tom Wolfe pointed out in Bonfire of the Vanities, the 20th Century Masters of the Universe were doomed for extinction. So I am happy to report I now have sufficient corroborating evidence for my theory that the 21st Century is destined to be the golden age of the Masters of Reinvention. Yes, the era [...]

POETIC LICENSE: The Academy of American Poets “Poetry & The Creative Mind” Benefit

Who knew that Joan Baez wrote poetry? Or that Wynton Marsalis hates to fly and reads poetry aloud–loudly!–in the car to keep his brothers awake while driving cross-country? Or that Chip Kidd could sing? Yes, my best beloved literary trivia junkies, I learned these and many other fun facts at The Academy of American Poets’ annual [...]

NOVELTY STORE: A visit to The Gallery at Buck House

The Gotham version of The American Dream is that the dreamer wants to make her fortune BECAUSE she is also an “only-in-New-York” character. Manhattan owes much of its mystique to the talent it has incubated here, which would have been misunderstood anywhere else, think: Woody Allen, Kurt Anderson, Mario Batali, Robert De Niro, Sarah Jessica [...]

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