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Andrew Singer performs comedic hip hop music all over the city under his alias "soce, the elemental wizard". He also co-hosts monthly math competitions with Jen Dziura at Chelsea Market, reviews videogames for WayTooHip Radio and interviews comedians and reviews shows for The Apiary.

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Vodka Shoes

When Leslie Goshko describes the struggles of her youth in her new solo show Vodka Shoes (directed by Kyle Erickson), it helps for the sake of a compelling tale that she grew up in a wacky family where everyone battled a different set of problems.  But what sets this show apart from others is how [...]

Yisrael Campbell: Circumsize Him (Part One)

Ultra-Orthodox Jews.  You see them all around New York City.  Walking around with their black hats, black coats, beards and peyot (curly sidelocks of hair by their ears).  You may often wonder what they’re like as people.  Yisrael Campbell is not one of them, but he’s the closest most people outside the fold [...]

A Weekend of Arts and Leisure

The New York Times Arts & Leisure Weekend is approaching quickly.  For a mere $30,  you get to dive into the minds of all your favorite performers, authors and all sorts of engaging personalities.  Intelligent hosts offer insightful commentary on each person’s career, as well as a chance for audience q&a.  I had the pleasure [...]

Evan Morgenstern: A Really Nice Guy

Who’s nicer than Evan Morgenstern?  I can’t think of anybody.  He grew up in the wilds of Florida and eventually moved to NYC, where he has become a master of many artforms including, standup, improv, krav maga, and commercial modelling.  As he prepares to celebrate his first year running his comedy show SNC: Switzerland Neutral [...]

Tonedeff: QN5’s Mastermind

Without a doubt, Tonedeff is one of the illest MCs out there.  He has a witty flow filled with endless syllable match-ups, similes and metaphors left and right, plus it can move rather quickly at times as well.  In addition to his stunning solo work, he runs a group called QN5 that consists of extremely [...]

Carolyn Castiglia: Rapper / Actor

Carolyn Castiglia is a comedic hip hop and stand-up force to be reckoned with.  She has stormed through NYC theaters and clubs, leaving audience in stitches with her brash honesty.  Originally her style was quite risqué, but she has since toned down somewhat in favor of more mature themes.  City Scoops caught up with her [...]

Cocktails at the Center of the Earth

Coctails at the Center of the Earth (written by Simon Astor, directed by Greg LoProto) is an entertaining, confusing play.  On the surface, it’s about a collection of exciting people who traverse from bar to bar, getting sloshed.  There are various themes approached, such as class warfare, environmental damage, art and romance.  There are also [...]

Adventure Quest

This is one of the few plays where saying that the characters acted stiffly and had wooden dialogue comes off as a complement.  Adventure Quest (written by Richard Lovejoy and directed by Adam Swiderski) takes us on a colorful journey back to the old text-based games of the 80s and early 90s, where a hero [...]

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