Vodka Shoes

By Andrew Singer

When Leslie Goshko describes the struggles of her youth in her new solo show Vodka Shoes (directed by Kyle Erickson), it helps for the sake of a compelling tale that she grew up in a wacky family where everyone battled a different set of problems.  But what sets this show apart from others is how masterfully and economically she handles every single sentence, building up entertaining subplots that flush out a grand epic filled with looming failures and quiet victories.  She milks each moment for maximum enjoyment so that the audience can laugh with her now at episodes that were certainly heartbreaking and painful when they occurred.

Leslie Goshko photo by C. Ruttle


•    This is not Leslie’s first foray into storytelling.  Ardent Goshkoholics will recognize her from her previous solo show S.C.A.B.s Stick Together, as well as her frequent performances in The Liar Show, Speakeasy and her own monthly gig Sideshow Goshko.

•    The characters in her story begin as broad comical tropes but grow and develop over time, with intriguing histories that inform their denouements.

•    Try to avoid reading any promotional material for the show, as it gives away some of the plot, and it’s more fun to experience it right as she tells it to you.  Just trust in Goshko and go to the show.


•   FYI these following points do not give away any actual spoilers.. They are just teasers:

•    Usually when you hear about molestation within a family, it’s cause for concern, but here, it’s described as a fun game.

•    She puts on a pair of stunning ruby red slippers that whisk her off to a place much more wonderful and frightening than any fantasy world.

•    There’s one part where you may suddenly find yourself crying when you least expect it.

•    The show clocks in at a full hour’s length, but when she took her final bow, it felt as though it had only been around 20 minutes.  I heard other audience members say this as well.  The show moves at a very fast pace and covers a lot of ground, and it definitely leaves you wanting more.

Leslie Goshko photo by Craig Ruttle III

Vodka Shoes runs Thursday, February 25, 2010 through Sunday, March 07, 2010 in Under St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place in East Village) as part of the FRIGID New York Festival.

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All photos by Craig Ruttle.

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