Preston Who?

By Jen Dziura

Test your knowledge of our great city parks with this quiz from Williamsburg Spelling Bee host Jennifer Dziura.

1. In order to purchase a key to the privately held Gramercy Park, you need to meet which two requirements?

A. Live in a building that faces the park
B. Be the descendant of a key holder
C. Pay an annual fee
D. Write an essay about what exclusivity means to you

2. What was Lower Manhattan’s Battery Park named after?

A. Prized coating from historic-monument fish and chip shop
B. Artillery battery stationed there first by the Dutch and later by the British
C. Most ecologically damaging component of former landfill on the site
D. The “Assault and” was dropped following a city council vote in 1963

3. If you wanted to play hipster kickball on Tuesdays, you would take yourself to

A. McCarren Park
B. Fresh Kills Park
C. Red Hook Park
D. If I wanted to play hipster kickball, I’d stab myself with a bottle opener

4. How did Union Square get its name?

A. Named after labor unions who held the first Labor Day parade there in 1882
B. Named after the union of the thirteen states in 1776
C. Named after the union of Broadway and the former Bowery Road
D. Named after “squares” who very politely protested against beatniks in 1963

5. Which of these is a real park in Queens?

A. Preston Q. Mosholu Park
B. Doughboy Park
C. Flushing Meadows-Budweiser Park
D. Queens has parks?

6. In which New York park can you find the fountain from the credits of “Friends”?

A. Central Park
B. On a sound lot in Los Angeles — and don’t let a cabbie tell you otherwise
C. Wait, that show was set in New York?
D. Central Perk isn’t a real coffee shop?

7. Harlem River Park is home to which of the following?

A. The Crack is Wack Playground
B. The West Harlem Polo Club
C. The tallest tetherball pole on the eastern seaboard
D. The Heroin is Harrowin’ Memorial Seesaw

Jennifer Dziura ( is a quizmistress, spelling bee host, and professional nerd who recently premiered a one-woman show about punctuation.

Answers: 1. A and C 2. B 3. A ( 4. C 5. B 6. B 7. A

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