NY Wine & Food Fest – Bacon & the Blues

By Larry Getlen

Host Todd English holds court.

Host Todd English holds court.

Chef Todd English hosted Thrillist’s “Bacon & the Blues” event at this year’s NY Wine & Food Festival, and the first thing to keep in mind when attending this annual event is to throw away any preconceived notions of the word “bacon.” Most people are accustomed to crispy, fatty, sometimes – sadly – soggy strips that drip with grease, but when the city’s finest chefs get ahold of this ingredient on the rise, it becomes something completely different – and, often completely delicious. Restaurants including Rub, Andaz 5th Avenue, and host Todd English’s Ca Va Brasserie turned their creative energies on the always luscious pork to create dishes that left festival goers salivating in the finest Homer Simpson tradition.

Bacon 2

The fine folks at Ovenly gave us a spicy bacon caramel corn that left the flavor an enticing aftertaste, blending better than taste newbies might expect with the caramel. Rub pit master Scott Smith gave us juicy bacon chunks made from berkshire pork belly, and Andaz 5th Avenue’s Roberto Alicea offered a tropical touch in his lime-spiced pork morsels with lime and coriander (made even more enticing when paired with an irish whiskey drink called the “Pig Tail.”)

Bacon 1

Host English gave a demonstration that attracted hordes – trying to get a taste of his pork sample became a typically New York battle with, happily, just a modicum of elbowing & nudging. Other favorites included the warm pulled pork & bacon baskets from Mable’s Smokehouse, and South Houston’s bacon peanut brittle. With bacon all the rage of late, “Bacon and the Blues” showed that there’s no limit to the creativity the favorite can inspire – and, impressively, no limit to have much of it many in attendance could consume.

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Posted on 17 Oct 2010 at 7:40pm
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